Yellowstone Wolves

Grey wolfWolves are one of the most sought after animals for people to want to see in Yellowstone. These sneaky animals are often hard to locate, because they spend a lot of time resting in the trees. Certain areas of the park are known to have a lot more wolves than others, so read on and you can drastically increase your chances of seeing these animals.

Best Times to Spot Wolves in Yellowstone

Wolves in the park can be seen any time of day, but usually the best times are early in the morning. In the heat of the summer they will usually be relaxing in the shade until temperatures cool down a bit, In the summer, any time before 10am will be the optimal time to spot this species in the park. Dawn and dusk are absolute best time to see wolves roaming.

Wolf Facts

  • There are about 100 wolves in Yellowstone
  • Wolves come in grey, white and black colors
  • About 22% of wolves in Yellowstone are equipped with radio colars
  • The Northern portion of the park is perhaps the best place in the world to watch this species

Between 1995 and 1997 41 wolves were released in Yellowstone park. They were brought from Northern Montana and Canada. These wolves are all relatives of the current Yellowstone population.

Where are the Best Places to see Wolves in the Park?

Lamar valley is known to have a lot of wolves. Another valley where wolves are commonly seen is in Hayden, just north of Yellowstone lake. This species is also commonly found just south of Mammoth hot springs near the North entrance to the park at Gardiner MT. See the map below to increase your chances of seeing wolves in Yellowstone.

A map of where to find wolves in Yellowstone


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