Moose in the Park

A bull moose in the Snake River in the Southern part of Yellowstone park.

A bull moose wades the Snake River in Yellowstone park.

Inside Yellowstone there are not as many moose as there once was, but you still have a decent shot at seeing some if you visit the right areas. Moose are very large animals and have been known to be extremely territorial, use caution if you accidentally get too close or stumble upon these animals.

The Best Places to Find Moose in Yellowstone

Moose frequently inhabit wet and marshy habitat. You are not likely to find them in a dry prairie type area. There are several places in Yellowstone where moose can commonly be seen, especially in the fall during their mating season.

Best Seasons to See Moose

Mother moose with babies in Yellowstone park

I found these moose near the South entrance of Yellowstone Park in Late June of 2015.

As mentioned, the fall is probably the best time to see moose. If you wanted to see baby moose, the ideal time would be in May or June. A mother moose will typically have 1-2 calfs which will be nearby her at pretty much all times. If you see a large female, odds are she has calf’s near her somewhere.

In the map below you can see the areas that you will possibly see moose in Yellowstone. Where to find moose in YellowstoneAs you can see in the map, moose are not widespread throughout Yellowstone. The marshy areas near the Lewis and Snake rivers (near the South entrance) have a lot of moose. You can also find them near the North East entrance in wetland areas and by West thumb near Yellowstone Lake.

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