Yellowstone Bears

Yellowstone grizzlyPerhaps the most feared animal in Yellowstone park, the grizzly bear. There are approximately 150 Grizzlies in the park and around 700 in the greater Yellowstone area. These large animals should be treated with great respect and should never be approached.

Grizzly Bear Facts

  • These bears can run up to 45 miles per hour, so you can’t outrun them!
  • Grizzlies can live up to 30 years old
  • Diet includes fish, grass, rodents and other large mammals

Where to Find Grizzlies in Yellowstone

Bears can be seen in Hayden and Lamar valleys. They are also commonly found in the higher slopes of Mt. Washburn area. Another place in the park with a large population is between the fishing bridge and the East entrance to the park. I have seen more bears near the East entrance than any other area of the park.

Grizzlies and their cubs can often be found in the early spring near Yellowstone Lake. Once they come out of their dens, they are actively searching for food on the lake shore.  The months of May and June are the best time to spot mother grizzlies and cubs.

See the grizzly bear locations map below to find the best places to look for these animals.

Where to find grizzly bears in Yellowstone map

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