Yellowstone Bison

Bison are the most common large mammals to see in the park. They can be found in a lot of different areas and are usually pretty photogenic. They don’t tend to run off when they see you lift your camera, so they are a great species to get some good images of. Yellowstone has the largest American Bison herd in the world, so finding them within the park won’t be a challenge. See below to check out the map and read about the best areas to find bison in Yellowstone park.

Where to Find Bison in the Park

As you will see in the map below, bison have a large territory in the park. Most bison herds are Northern 2/3 of Yellowstone, but small random herds can be found just about anywhere there is open grassland. Probably the best place to see bison in Yellowstone is around Old Faithful and in Hayden valley just North of Yellowstone Lake.

A map showing where to find bison in Yellowstone park

The Dangers of Bison in the Park

Fact: Bison hurt more people than any other animals in the park. They might be soft and fluffy looking, but they can get cranky real quick. You should never attempt to get close to this species for that “great photo” and you certainly shouldn’t be getting close enough to take bison selfies.

In the video below you will see a group of people who were attacked by a bison by Old Faithful. This type of thing happens all too often in the park.

Good luck finding bison in the park and remember to be careful when you do!

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