Bighorn Sheep in the Park

Bighorn sheep in Yellowstone parkThere are quite a few bighorn sheep in Yellowstone, but they are often very hard to see. During the summer months they spend most of their time at high elevations. If you plan to do some serious hiking, you might have a shot at seeing some bighorns in the Mount Washburn area near the Northeast entrance.

The Best Places to See Bighorn Sheep in Yellowstone

As mentioned above, these critters are usually hard to find to to their reclusive nature and appreciation for high mountains. Bighorn sheep can easily walk on the sides of mountains that no human ever could. Spotting Bighorns will be difficult without a good set of long range binoculars—so if you don’t have some, I would recommend getting a pair before your visit.

Bighorns are often spotted in the Mount Washburn area (see map below) and can be seen near the North entrance to Yellowstone at Gardiner MT. I have also witnessed sheep several times outside of the East entrance in between the entrance and the town of Cody, WY.

Best Times

The best time of year to find bighorn is certainly early spring (March-May). Bighorn will come down to low elevations to feed on the exposed plants and grass. Once the snow starts melting up higher in the mountains they will usually head back up hill. It is possible to see bighorn sheep in Yellowstone at any time of year, but there will have to be some luck involved.

Where to find bighorn sheep in Yellowstone map

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