Yellowstone Roadside Attractions and Boardwalks

As you are driving through Yellowstone you will come across a number of great sights to see right on the edge of the road. You can see a lot of great things in this park with only a short walk.

Short Hikes and Boardwalks to Hot Pools and Geysers

  • Fountain Paint Pots Trail: This trail near the West entrance will take you to a number of geysers, hot pools and other awesome geothermal features.
  • Midway Geyser Basin: This basin has some geysers, hot pools and many other great features. You will find it located between Fountain paint pots trail and Old Faithful.
  • Artist Paint Pots: This trail will lead you to some stunning areas of geothermal activity. This less popular area in the park can take you out of the crowds and into some of the most awe inspiring sights ever seen in nature.

Roadside Water Falls

  • Lewis Falls
  • Gibbon Falls
  • Keppler Cascades
  • Crawfish Creek Falls

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