Yellowstone wildlife

Yellowstone Bison

Yellowstone Bison Bison are the most common large mammals to see in the park. They can be found in a lot of different areas and are usually pretty photogenic. They don’t tend to run off when they see you lift your camera, so they are a great species to get some good images of. Yellowstone has the largest American Bison herd in the world, so finding them within the park won’t be a chall...[Read More]

Yellowstone Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep in the Park There are quite a few bighorn sheep in Yellowstone, but they are often very hard to see. During the summer months they spend most of their time at high elevations. If you plan to do some serious hiking, you might have a shot at seeing some bighorns in the Mount Washburn area near the Northeast entrance. The Best Places to See Bighorn Sheep in Yellowstone As mentioned abov...[Read More]

Yellowstone Moose

Moose in the Park Inside Yellowstone there are not as many moose as there once was, but you still have a decent shot at seeing some if you visit the right areas. Moose are very large animals and have been known to be extremely territorial, use caution if you accidentally get too close or stumble upon these animals. The Best Places to Find Moose in Yellowstone Moose frequently inhabit wet and marsh...[Read More]

Yellowstone Elk

Elk in Yellowstone are usually fairly easy to see, although some areas of the park are known to have more elk than others. Elk will often bed down most of the day if the weather is too warm. See below to optimize your chances to find a herd of elk in Yellowstone. The Best Places to Find Elk in Yellowstone The areas near Old Faithful will typically have a lot of elk. They can often be seen on the b...[Read More]

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