Hiking in Grand Teton National Park

Hiking in Grand Teton ParkGrand Teton Park is loaded with amazing scenery and spectacular hiking throughout the park. Whether you are looking for an extreme climb up a mountain, or a casual stroll on relatively flat land—you’ll find it within this park. If you are looking for a somewhat low key hiking trail after a few days in Yellowstone, Teton National parks hiking trails will certainly have a lot less traffic and scenery just as spectacular, if not more. Teton park has about 240 miles of trails for you to enjoy and people come from all over the world to hike here. There is nothing on earth quite like hiking in Grand Teton area. See the various hikes below to plan your adventure.

Day Hikes

The miles and times listed for all of these day hikes are round trip. Some of these are quite long and can be done in a day, but you’ll have to use discretion and decide if you can handle them. For example, Paintbrush-cascade loop is 19 miles with an elevation gain of over 4000 feet. It will take approximately 13 hours to hike.

Flagg Ranch

  • Polecat Creek Loop: 2.5 miles Round trip. [Time] 1 hour [Elevation Gain] 80 [Intensity] Easy
  • Flagg Canyon: 4 miles [Time] 2 hours [Elevation Gain] 150 [Intensity] Easy

Coulter Bay

  • Lakeshore Trail: 2 miles [Time] 1 hour [Elevation Gain] 100 [Intensity] Easy
  • Heron Pond & Swan Lake Loop: 3 mile [time] 2 hours [Elevation Gain] 200 [Intensity] Easy
  • Hermitage Point: 9.7 miles [Time] 5 hours [Elevation Gain] 700 [Intensity] Easy

Jackson Lake Lodge

  • Lunch Tree Hill: .5 miles [Time] 30 minutes [Elevation Gain] 80 [Intensity] Easy
  • Christian Pond Loop: 3.3 miles [Time] 2 hours [Elevation Gain] [Intensity] Easy

Death Canyon

  • Phelps Lake Overlook: 2 miles [Time] 1.5 hours [Elevation Gain] 430 [Intensity] Moderate
  • Phelps Lake: 4.2 Miles: [Time] 3 hours [Elevation Gain] 1050 [Intensity] Strenuous
  • Death Canyon-Static Peak Trail Junction: 7.9 miles [Time] 6 hours [Elevation Gain] 2100 [Intensity] Strenuous
  • Static Peak Divide: 16.3 miles [Time] 12 hours [Elevation Gain] 5100 [Intensity] Strenuous

Two Ocean Lake

  • Two Ocean Lake: 6.4 miles [Time] 3 hours [Elevation Gain] 400 [Intensity] Moderate
  • Emma Matilda Lake: 10.7 Miles [Time] 6 hours [Elevation Gain] 1100 [Intensity] Moderate
  • Two Ocean & Emma Matilda Lakes: 13.2 [Time] 7 hours [Elevation Gain] 1100 [Intensity] Moderate-Strenuous

Signal Mountain

  • Signal Mountain: 6.8 [Time] 4 hours [Elevation Gain] 850 [Intensity] Moderate

Leigh Lake

Leigh Lake PDF map download

  • Leigh Lake: 1.8 miles [Time] 1 hour [Elevation Gain] 40 [Intensity] Easy
  • Trapper Lake: 9.2 Miles [Time] 5 hours [Elevation Gain] 400 [Intensity] EasyModerate
  • Holly Lake: 13 Miles [Time] 9 hours [Elevation Gain] 2600 [Intensity] Strenuous

Lupine Meadows

Lupine Meadows Hiking Trail PDF file

  • Amphitheater Lake: 10.1 miles [Time] 7 hours [Elevation Gain] 3000 [Intensity] Strenuous
  • Garnet Canyon: 8.4 miles [Time] 6 hours [Elevation Gain] 2650 [Intensity] Strenuous

Jenny Lake/Cascade Canyon

  • Jenny Lake Hiking Map PDF Download
  • Jenny Lake Shuttle Boat Info Here
  • Jenny Lake Loop: 7.1 miles [Time] 4 hours [Elevation Gain] 450 [Intensity] Moderate
  • Hidden Falls: [No access in 2016] This trail is closed.
  • Inspiration Point: 6 miles [Time] 4 hours [Elevation Gain] 700 [Intensity] ModerateStrenuous
  • Forks of Cascade Canyon: 13.6 miles [Time] 8 hours [Elevation Gain] 1500 feet [Intensity] ModerateStrenuous
  • Forks of Cascade Canyon (Using Shuttle Boat(see shuttle link at top of this section): 9.6 miles [Time] 6 hours [Elevation Gain] 1220 [Intensity] ModerateStrenuous
  • Lake Solitude: 19 miles [Time] 12 hours [Elevation Gain] 2700 [Intensity] Strenuous
  • Lake Solitude – using Jenny Lake Shuttle (see shuttle link at top of this section): 15 mile [Time] 8 hours  [Elevation Gain] 2420 [Intensity] Strenuous
  • South Fork of Cascade Canyon: 24.8 miles [Time] 14 hours [Elevation Gain] 4200 [Intensity] Strenuous

String Lake

String Lake Hiking Map PDF Download

  • String Lake Loop: 3.7 miles [Time] 2 Hours [Elevation Gain] 325 feet [Intensity] Easy
  • Paintbrush-Cascade Loop: 19 miles [Time] 13 hours [Elevation Gain] 4350 climbing [Intensity] Very

Taggart Lake

Taggart Lake Area Hikes PDF Download

  • Taggart Lake: 3 miles [Time] 2 hours [Elevation Gain] 350 [Intensity] Easy
  • Taggart Lake-Beaver Creek Loop: 3.9 miles [Time] 2 hours [Elevation Gain] 500 [Intensity] Moderate
  • Taggart Lake-Bradley Lake: 5.9 miles [Time] 3 hours [Elevation Gain] 800 [Intensity] Moderate

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