Hiring a River Guide for a Float or Rafting Trip in Teton Park

Fly fishing the Snake river on a float tripThere is nothing quite like a float trip on the Snake river through Teton park. You can expect to see a ton of great wildlife, spectacular views and the joy of just being in a boat feeling free. If you are into taking pictures, this is the ultimate way to gain access to some scenery that is rarely seen by park visitors. The views of the Tetons from the Snake river are nothing quite like anywhere else in the park. You can expect to be blown away by the beauty and sheer amount of great photography opportunities you’ll find. While on the river you are likely to forget about the outside world, actually you’ll feel like you and the other people in your boat are the only people on the planet.

The Wildlife on the River

Mother moose and calves on the Snake river near Teton National parkFloat trips offer some great opportunities to see wildlife. Some common animals on the river include moose, deer, bald eagles, golden eagles, elk and so much more. On a late summer float you’ll be likely to see bull elk bugling, moose rutting and a stunning amount of bird life preparing for migration. The quantity of wildlife on the snake river is amazing and you’ll get to see it all at close range.

Below you will find a list of the various outfitters licensed to take you on a trip through the park. Some of these are located inside Teton park and others are just a short ways South in Jackson.

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