Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park WyomingTeton National park is located just a little bit South of Yellowstone, between the town of Jackson hole, WY and Yellowstone Park.


The Grand Tetons Identifying the dfiferent peaks copy

Identifying the different peaks of the Teton Mountain Range. The far left shows the South Teton, then the Middle Teton, followed by the Grand Teton. Just to the Right of the Grand is Mount Owen and Teewinot Peaks. All of these mountains are between 12,325 feet and 13,770 ft. See image for more details and Identifying the various peaks within the park.

Shown in this video is the spectacular landscape of the rugged Teton Mountains inside Teton Park.

Fun Tidbits

Movies Filmed in the Park

  • The Tetons have been the backdrop to dozens of classic movies throughout the years. John Wayne’s first ever movie “The Big Trail” was filmed here in 1930.
  • Another Western classic “Shane” was filmed in the Tetons in 1953. You can still see the original cabin used in the movie near Kelly Wyoming, and other cabins from the movie were moved into Jackson hole near Town Square.
  • More recently, portions of the movie “Django Unchained”, starring Jamie Foxx was filmed in many parts of Teton National park.

How the Tetons got the Name

French explorers called the Tetons “les trois tétons” (the three breasts), thats where this range of mountains got it’s name.

Formation of the Teton Mountain Range

The Tetons are the youngest mountain range in the Rockies, it is said they began formation ~ 6-9 milion years ago. All 3 Tetons were once a single mountain of granite. Over the years glaciers of massive proportions carved the steep canyons into the current U shaped valleys. Freezing water began breaking off slabs of rock which created the pinnacles and extreme sharp ridges we can see today.   The Eastern slope caved in, this caused what we now know as Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Things to Do in Teton park

This park has an astounding amount of activities for you to enjoy. You can take a short (or a long) hike, rent a boat, canoe or kayak. Or even take a large tour guided boat on Jackson or Jenny lakes. Teton park has great scenery, amazing food and tons of fun things for you to experience on your trip. [Learn More Here]

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